Events. Projects. GAtherings

On this page you will see our most updated events on the horizon.  Come back frequently to get current with what our community is doing. If at anytime you need more information click on the contact person or just email us at

  • Gardena Gensesis Community Church, in colaboratoin with 4 sister churches, the City of Gardena, and local businesses are holding a FREE HEALTH CLINIC!!  You don't need ANYTHING!  Just show up and get the help you need for a dental issue, or vision, or a number of other things!  Contact us if you have any questions at

  • CLINIC IN A BOX Volunteers

    We are looking for ALL KINDS OF VOLUNTEERS!  If you are Dental Professional, or a VISIONs expert.  If you are a nurse or just someone who wants to volunteer...WE WANT YOU!  Just CLICK HERE and we'll re-route you to our volunteers site then fill it out and we'll do the rest!  Come JOIN THE TEAM!

  • Easter Weekend

    Come Celebrate Easter Weekend with us All weekend long!  On Sabbath we will donate blood as one of our newest traditions.  There will also be a feeding on the day Jesus RESURRECTED!  Make time Friday evening-Sunday Morning to remember why we are who we are today!

  • Finance Worshop


    Too many bills? Not enough money?  Has your credit taken a big hit?  Trying to retire? It is the churches job to care for people HOLISTICALLY!  

    This APRIL we want to help all those in need of Financial Counseling. 

    This 4 part course will cover: Budgeting, Debt management. Credit Managing. College Funding. Risk Management. And Retirement Planning.

  • Youth Praise Team

    Are you 13-21 and want to sing on our GGCC YPT?  Well Come rock with us!  DeAnne Knipschilds is our fearless Worship Director and she is taking the Youth Team to the next level.  CLICK HERE to contact her and get involved!