Who we are

Gardena Genesis Community Church is a multicultural, multi-generational church in the city of Gardena, California. We are deeply committed to life, love, and following the Galilean Carpenter as our Savior and friend. We are a loving and authentic church that believes in being inclusive and serving our community. 

As coined by Pastor Derrick, we are a church of "WOUNDED HEALERS" who allow Christ to take the shattered pieces of our brokenness and use it to do some AMAZING THINGS! 

This is the place where...LOVING GOD IS SERVING PEOPLE!  It is our conviction that a deep love for GOD should profoundly affect how we treat others.  It should illicit a powerful love that manifests in actions of service.  If you join us you will notice that we emphasize this at every event whether to our children, youth, Young Adults, and families.  

What we believe


Jesus is our All in All! He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the Lion and the Lamb. It is our goal to be more and more like Jesus for the sake of others. In Jesus we find complete forgiveness and are given the opportunity to live a new life, not because of who we are or what we have done, but because of who HE is and what HE has done.

In this way we seek to have Jesus pervade every aspect & every moment of our lives.


We greatly value social awareness. Walking in the foot steps of Jesus, we want to take care of those around us, in the local and global community. GGCC is a very active community of faith and challenges all of its members to be involved on some level to fight for equality, justice, and inclusion of the marginalized. We want to be the kind of church that is frightened to death because we are walking on water, not just comfortable and safe inside the boat. 


As a church we are committed to change, growth, and learning. We are constantly striving to understand God clearer and recognize that we won't always get it right. In the grace of God we are empowered to grow without fear of perfection. We are committed to a life in which we learn more and more about Christ and His will for us. We welcome you to come along. There's no pressure here, to be perfect or to know all the answers. All you need is just a willingness to learn and grow in Christ.


Yes our service worship times are Saturdays. This may seem strange at first but don't let it turn you away until you hear why. We are sabbatarians because of its deeply enriching effect on our lives. Today's world is busier than ever and we are inundated with technology, get rich quick schemes, and the promise of a fulfilling romantic life. In the bible, God's people were given the Shabbat as an act of defiance against the ruling powers of the time. They were to remember that they were NOT slaves anymore and that their working was not their identity (Deut). We too feel that keeping the Shabbat is a reminder that we aren't to draw our identity from the oppressive systems around us. Our identity is not our work, or what we can do, earn, or accomplish. No, our identity is forged in the fact that we can't work enough to earn eternal life, but that our God gives it to us. Yes, our Shabbat is a RESTING in CHRIST! My identity and your identity are found rested in Christ!  

So worship everyday but on the Shabbat, we are intentionally RESTING from the RAT RACE of technology, money, position, promotions, and fame. We see it as a holiday with God! So come and JOIN us in this LIBERATING HOLIDAY dedicated to the ONE in whom our identity is realized!  


Can one be a true Evangelical Christian and NOT believe in hell? We confidently answer, YES! This may sound weird or foreign but MANY Christians do not believe in hell. One of the great evangelical minds of the last generation, John Stott, makes this point, "I believe that ultimate annihilation of the wicked should at least be accepted as a legitimate, biblically founded alternative to their eternal conscious torment."

There is an overwhelming amount of scriptural proof that allows people to not believe in Hell. The original languages speak of the place where the dead go, and it is worth the study. We believe in this study and openness to scripture to interpret the heart of God to us and not the other way around. To truly be grace oriented we believe in introducing people to a TRULY LOVING GOD as opposed to pressuring people into Christianity with a basis of hell doctrine.  

The power in this belief isn't just about biblical accuracy but is even more so about the character of God. If God truly is a loving God why would He burn any of us for eternity because we made a finite mistake here on earth. That isn't a very loving or just God. This little video is a great illustration of this discussion. We do not subscribe or are responsible for anything else on that website just the video in the link. We specifically like the video's illustration of our theology in this one regard.

To say that God is the author of Life would thus introduce eternal death as the natural consequence of not choosing Him. So if we believe then, that at the end of time not choosing God doesn't throw us into some deep eternal bonfire, but an eternal nonexistence, then this would seem consistent with a Loving God who is just and allows us to not be with Him or coexist for eternity.

We do not shun you if you believe in hell because we are all growing and understanding and learning. This subject does deserve much study and consideration and so we invite you to join us as we critically think on, and journey these and other issues.


We believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Not much to say there but that each office of God is represented in a very real way that manifests into our lives through the Father, Son, and/or Holy Spirit.