GGCC LEadership team

This is the tab for you, if you  are wondering how to connect with and get involved with a particular ministry.

  • Administrative Assistant/Church Secretary

    Michelle Broadley is our fearless Administrative Assistant!  She is the glue that holds our church together. Michelle deals with all of our clerical, office, and scheduling needs. She is the central nervous system for our local body.  If you need to get a hold of anyone, then you'll need to get a hold of her.  

  • Audio/Visual

    Rolando Taimi is not only the Audio/Visual Attendant but has also taken on most large constructive projects at the church.  Everything visual and audio at our events is taken care of by Rol.  

  • Children's Ministry Director

    Judy Taimi is in charge of the children's ministry.

  • Event Coordinator

    Antonio Avioles

  • Finance

    Merville Fray


    Art Yahiku

  • Food bank (Mama Rosa's Pantry) director

    Jami Levy

  • Head Deaconess

    Maria Nunez

  • head deacon

    Angelo Osborne

  • Kitchen & decorations coordinator

    Eva Williamson

  • Praise & worship director

    DeAnne Knipschilds

  • sabbath School superintendent

    Mary Jarrett

  • women's ministry

    Lidia Alcala


    Alexis Lawrence